Frequently Asked Questions


What is Turfmapp?

Turfmapp is a web and mobile app that lets you find places to play and search for pickup soccer games. Our map displays soccer turfs (facilities) near you along with their schedules. The idea is to show which timeslots are available and how many people are already there or are interested in going there at specific times. For turfs that charge for pickup soccer, you can confirm a spot and pay on Turfmapp.

What is pickup soccer?

It's an informal soccer game that can take place with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What is a "turf"?

In Turfmapp, "turf" means a soccer field or facility. It does not necessary refer to the playing surface (i.e. artificial turf).

Who can use Turfmapp?

Regardless of gender and age, anyone who:

  • Loves playing soccer in their spare time.
  • Doesn't want to fully commit to playing in leagues.
  • Is already playing in leagues but needs to play more.
  • Is new to the sport and wants to start playing soccer recreationally.
  • Thinks they're out of shape and wants to have fun and exercise.

Do I need to have a Facebook account?

Signing up with your Facebook account is recommended. The good thing about it is that you can start looking for your friends who are already using this app, or you can invite other soccer friends here if they don't know about us yet. However, you may choose to create a Turfmapp account with your email.

Turfmapp is free, right?

Yes it is! You should take advantage of us and use it until our servers crash.

Can I use Turfmapp to find pickup games for other sports?

At the moment, our focus is on soccer. We do not have features for other sports yet. However, if you happen to find a public turf that is available, you and your friends may use it for any sport you like (if those turfs are fine with it).

Can I download the app on my phone?

Yes! We have mobile apps for your iPhone and Android devices. Windows Phone users will have to wait.


How does Turfmapp work?

  1. Real turf managers update their calendars, making it possible for you to see the availability of every single timeslot for those turfs.
  2. We give suggestions for timeslots you might be interested in. Alternatively, you can use our map page to search turfs to view their availabilities.
  3. Confirm your spot for the desired timeslots that are "Open". Others can now see that you're confirmed to play at that turf and may want to join you.
  4. Go to the turf, play pickup soccer, and make new friends!

How do I confirm my spot?

You can confirm spots for both free and paid timeslots.

For paid timeslots, your spot is confirmed after these steps:

  1. Click on a timeslot in the calendar to open up the timeslot details modal.
  2. Click on the "Do It" button to proceed.
  3. Add a payment method and/or select it.
  4. Click on the "Confirm Spot" button, which confirms that you agreed with the price for that timeslot.

What is the 'player availability' feature for?

This feature allows you to update your weekly availability to get personalized timeslot suggestions. You can select time slots that correspond to when you are available to play soccer. We would then match your available timeslots to what's open out there. Your availability calendar is only for your private eyes and is not shared with others.

What are suggested timeslots?

These are timeslots that fit the availability you provide in your availability calendar. When turfs open up new timeslots that match your available times, we will show these in the suggested timeslots list.

Can I suggest features?

Absolutely! You could send us your ideas to


What types of places are on Turfmapp?

  1. Private outdoor and indoor soccer facilities owned by local businesses.
  2. Public fields and facilities run by local or state governments.

How many locations do you have?

For this first test period, we only have soccer fields in Chicago, IL. Why? Two of our team members currently reside in Chicago. Be sure to contact us if you want Turfmapp to come to your city!

How accurate are the schedules?

Turfmapp is working with some private facility owners to bring accurate information to you. However, schedules for public parks are collected from observations and surveys of local leagues. Please help us by persuading park supervisors to use our app!


How does the Turfmapp payment system work?

Turfmapp's payment system is implemented to accommodate confirming of spots or booking of a particular timeslot, which will only be applicable to Verified Turfs, private businesses or public parks that choose to update their schedules on Turfmapp.

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient, supporting many currencies and several types of payment and payout methods.

Payment: the money a Player pays to confirm their pick-up game spot or booking of the entire timeslot.

Payout: the money a Turf Owner receives for a confirmed spot of a pick-up game or a booking.

Spot Price: Each Turf Admin or Turf Owner chooses the amount they would like to charge for a pick-up game spot (price per player for a given time frame). Prices for a pick-up spot may vary depending on the location and time that the timeslot will take place. For example, the spot price may be higher during prime time, between 6pm to 10pm, which is the prime recreational time for many.

When a Player commits to a timeslot for a pick-up game via the "Do It" button, the Player will enter their credit or debit card info to send for authorization via a payment gateway powered by Braintree.

The payment is processed in full at the start time of each timeslot.

Turfmapp does not endorse cash payments. In order to uphold our Terms of Service, transactions must take place on the Turfmapp site. By completing your transactions on the site, the security of your funds is ensured, and you’ll be protected by policies, such as the Cancellation Policy and the Player Refund Policy.

How secure is your payment system?

We use Braintree as the payment service provider, and it’s very secure. Additionally, Turfmapp does not store any of the credit or debit card information. See to understand who our payment service provider is. See for details on how no payment methods are stored within our database.

What are Verified Turfs?

These are private facilities or public parks that use Turfmapp and they have a green Verified icon next to their names. Their Turf Admins update schedules and other information regularly, making them reliable. Verified Turfs are the only turfs that accept payments online.

How much do I pay to confirm a spot?

The total price you will pay for a spot confirmation is the price shown above the "Do It" button as well as on the confirmation page. Each timeslot may vary in price, so be sure to check it before you confirm your spot.

Are there any fees for confirming the spot via Turfmapp?

No, there are no service fees for using Turfmapp to confirm your spot. You pay the same amount you would in person but you are using Turfmapp to guarantee your spot.

When will my credit or debit card be charged?

At the start time of that particular timeslot, your credit or debit card will be authorized and payment will be processed.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB. Debit cards with major brands such as Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.

How do I get my receipt?

You will be able to review your payments history in the Transactions tab under Settings.

The timeslot has already started but there are still open spots left. Can I still confirm my spot?

Yes, and you will be charged the same amount as the others.

What if I wanted to join an open slot half way into the timeslot, will I get a discount?

At this time, we do not support discounts.

What happens if there's one spot left and while I'm confirming that spot, someone else confirms it before me?

The system is FCFS (first come, first serve). In this case, you will get a message saying, "The timeslot is full", after you click to confirm the spot. Turfmapp is hoping to help unlock this problem by allowing you to easily locate other pick-up game options for you to join nearby.

What happens if I want to cancel my confirmed spot? Is there a penalty?

The penalty depends on the time relative to the start time for that slot you are confirmed for. The strictness of the penalties are set by each specific Turf Admin. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy for more details.

What happens if I never canceled my confirmed spot? How will I get a refund for it?

You will be charged the full amount and do not qualify for any refunds. Since Turfmapp is a community marketplace, we highly recommend that you cancel ahead of time so those who are available to play can take your spot.

What happens if the Turf cancels my upcoming timeslot due to weather?

You will be notified before the start time and you will not be charged.

What if I’m late due to heavy traffic / car accident / bad weather?

You will still be charged the full amount after the start time. In the case where you were involved in a car accident, or due to other extenuating circumstances, the Turf Admin reserves the right to provide you with full refunds. See Extenuating Policy.

There was an error while I was trying to confirm my spot. Why is that?

If the prompt says, "There is a problem with your card", it means your credit card or debit card is declined (e.g. due to invalid card number or insufficient funds).

Double-check your payment information: Be sure that you've entered your credit card number and billing address correctly, your card has enough available funds, and your card has not expired.

Contact your bank: Sometimes your credit or debit card may be incorrectly refused by your bank. If you've entered your information correctly and are still having problems using your card, contact your bank or credit card provider to let them know. Inform them of the amount of the charge and the time you tried to make the charge so they can let the transaction go through.

Try a different credit or debit card.

If there is a system error, please contact us at and we will resolve the issue for you as soon as possible.

Can I use my account to pay for others?

Yes! We have a feature called "Pay for Friends", where you can confirm spots for your friends and pay for them.


What is Crowdsourcing on Turfmapp?

Crowdsourcing on Turfmapp is a functionality where any user may contribute their knowledge of public turf's availability, either for the current timeframe or for future timeslots.

How will this benefit me and the Turfmapp community?

The more Turfmapp members use this, the more accurate the info will be on a given turf. That way you can enjoy quality pickup games for free. Essentially, the goal is for everyone to take advantage of any unoccupied turf and draw in other users locally to join the game.

How does crowdsourcing work on Turfmapp?

All non-verified turfs (turfs that don't have admins officially manage and update the schedules) will have timeslots shown as No Data. In order for users to see the turf's availability or confirm their spot, the turf information will need to be contributed through crowdsourcing. Anyone can report the availability status on any timeslot.

When do I use this feature?

It depends on the scenario you are in. Just to give you some ideas, you may be in one of the following scenarios...

Scenario 1
You pass by a turf and you see 10 people kicking around on a 7 v 7 turf. You would like to report the current timeslot status and share the information so that:

  • other Turfmapp users can see where the games are happening
  • those users who want to join can show up
  • the 10 people kicking around can have a game going at full scale on a 7 v 7 turf

Scenario 2
You pass by this one turf at 4pm on a regular basis and you know that there are no organized games there. You would like to report the future timeslot status and share the information so that Turfmapp users:

  • know the turf is available at that specific time
  • can confirm spots and eventually get a group of people to play

Scenario 3
You are playing in a league at one turf, and you know that the league you are in goes from 6 PM till 11 PM on Wednesday evenings for the next 8 weeks. You would like to report current and future timeslot statuses for the next 8 weeks so users know what to expect on Wednesday evenings at that particular turf.

Scenario 4
You have the information but you already see that another user had contributed to the crowdsourcing data. You can upvote their report to increase its credibility and have that report be on top of others.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to the information by performing the following:

Report Current Timeslot (mobile app only)

  1. You are at or nearby a turf.
  2. Open the app and locate that turf on the Map Screen.
  3. Tap on the pin location.
  4. When the turf info card slides up, tap on the bar that says, "Know the current status of this turf?"
  5. Tap on the Report Current Status button.
  6. Depending on the status:
    • Select Open > select an age group you see playing > select the corresponding number of people that are present. You can select multiple groups if you see multiple groups playing on the field.
    • Select Booked > select a reason it’s booked.
    • Select Closed > select a reason it’s closed.
  7. Tap on the Report button and that’s it!

Report Future Timeslot (mobile & web apps)

  1. On the Map Screen, locate the turf you have the information on. You can use the search bar at the top or pan around the map area or use the Turf List, it’s up to you.
  2. Tap on the View Schedule button to see the timeslots.
  3. Select the timeslot you want to contribute to.
  4. Tap on the bar that says, "Know the availability of this timeslot?"
  5. Tap on the Report Status button.
  6. Select between Open, Booked or Closed. If Booked is selected, you can report the reason why it’s booked as well.
  7. Tap on the Report button to complete your contribution.

For every report, there is an upvote button next to the status. If the information provided is in line with what you know, you may simply endorse the information by tapping on the Upvote button. For each timeslot, the report with the most votes stay at the top and represents the most credible status. Sorry, you not allowed to upvote your own report though!

Change Status (for Future Timeslot)
If the information provided is different than what you know, but you are confident you have the more accurate information, you will want to 'Change Status' and override the existing information.

Why can’t I update the current timeslot?

There are two possibilities:

  1. You’re using your mobile app but you are not within range of the turf you are trying to update. You will have to be within a few hundred yards of the turf.
  2. You’re using the web app. We do not support this feature on the web because we want to rely on users who are on their phones at the turf of interest.

Why do I have to be within range to update the current timeslot?

Setting a criteria such as this will allow the information to be more trustworthy. We do not want people who aren’t actually there to report some random information to fool the public.

What should I do when I see inaccurate information?

Under unfortunate circumstances, a Turfmapp user may report false information or abuse the community sharing system. You will be able to flag any status report that looks inaccurate or suspicious. Flagging will help us moderate the community and if we see any suspicious activities, we will remove the reports and may suspend those flagged users.

How do I flag a report?

On the mobile app, swipe left on any report to reveal a flag icon. Tap on the flag and confirm that you want to flag it.

How accurate are all the information?

It is in our best interest to design a product that will encourage a supportive community on Turfmapp. Although we cannot control the accuracy of the information provided mainly due to people’s behavior (non-members included), we do have "view history" and "flag" functions. This way, data contributors will be more aware of the information they attempt to share. Accuracy can be reviewed by all members.

Please note that there is a chance that the crowdsourced information may not be accurate due to last minute bookings for any available timeslots. We are committed to finding better solutions and predictions for you in the future.