25 Turfs You Need To Play On Before You Die

Most of us are used to playing soccer / football on an ordinary field at a nearby park or an indoor facility. Some people have access to better quality turf surfaces than others, but the surroundings are generally similar from village to village, city to city.

For certain lucky people though, their backyards are no ordinary turfs. At Turfmapp, we are here to help you find your soccer, so we’d like to share these unique, breathtaking turfs from around the world. You can check out more information about each one by clicking on the name or on the photo.

If you cherish playing the beautiful game and love traveling, enjoy — and get your passports ready! We know you need to play.

25. Brooklyn Bridge Park — Pier 5

New York, New York

Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7 | Artificial Turf

Pier 5 boasts three 7 v 7 fields and is a very popular location for recreational league and pickup soccer games in NYC. Who wouldn’t want to play here? You could see the magnificent Manhattan skyline across the East River, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. The shade sails that run along the length of the pier give it a unique touch.

Photo: Turfmapp

24. Devil’s Tower Camp Field


Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

Playing by the Rock of Gibraltar on the Iberian Peninsula is a privilege. In order to play here, you will need a special invitation into Devil’s Tower Camp, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

Source: http://iaintwoeyesme.blogspot.com

23. Botafogo Beach

Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beach Soccer | Outdoor | 9 v 9| Sand

If you ever visit Rio and want to play beach soccer like a Brazilian, Botafogo Beach can give you that chance to enjoy the game with the famous Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain) in plain sight.

Photo: Turfmapp

22. Pier 40 — Rooftop

New York, New York

Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7 | Artificial Turf

Pier 40’s Rooftop turf was once a parking lot but now hosts youth & adult matches and turns into a late night hotbed for pickup soccer. The best part? It has a fantastic view of the One World Trade Center.

Photo: Turfmapp

21. Saas-Fee Snow Field

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7 | Snow

This isn’t a permanent ground for soccer. Nevertheless, this pre-EURO 2016 friendly that took place back in March had an absolutely stunning landscape at 11,480 feet above sea level on top of a glacier. If you can play on dirt and sand, why not play on powder?

Photo: Cyril Zingaro

20. São Carlos Favela Football Pitch

Morro de São Carlos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Street Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7 | Dirt

For the most part, locals here play the game on this dirt court so if you ever plan to face the kids of São Carlos Favela, you better leave your fancy shoes at home. And who knows, you may be going up against the next Ronaldinho.

Photo: Tony Burns

19. Stadium in Jánošovka

Jánošovka, Slovakia

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Grass

This home of TJ Tatran Čierny Balog, an amateur club in the village of Jánošovka, Slovakia, has its own home field advantage with steam engine trains that pass between the field and the stands.

Photo: V. Lareha

18. Adidas Futsal Park

Tokyo, Japan

Futsal | Outdoor | 5 v 5 | Artificial Turf

Considering Tokyo’s confined space, being able to find the game on the rooftop in Tokyo’s busiest district of Shibuya is special. And how about them lights and sounds; they’ll definitely set the tempo for the Futsal game you will be playing.

Photo: Turfmapp

17. Shell Football Pitch

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7 | Artificial Turf

This is the world’s first player-powered football pitch. 200 energy-capturing tiles by Pavegen Systems were installed under this artificial turf, which harnesses the kinetic energy generated by players’ movements to provide illumination at night. Look at that urban-scape of the Catumbi favela!

Photo: Pavegen Systems

16. Tamnougalt Village Football Pitch

Tamnougalt, Morocco

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Dirt

This unique dirt field is in Tamnougalt, a village near Agdz. The unfinished dirt surface and the African sun make this field a blistering place to play football in Morocco.

Photo: Cultura/Rex

15. Tavares Bastos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Street Soccer | Outdoor | 5 v 5 | Concrete

Many famous Brazilian players came from favela courts like that of Tavares Bastos’. If small-sided soccer is your game, this spot is a must-visit. Dare to challenge the locals barefoot?

Photo: Chiba Yasuyoshi

14. Stadion Piran

Piran, Slovenia

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

This artificial turf that sits atop a hill of Piran, a medieval-turned-Roman town in the Istria region of Slovenia, surely has to be one of the most uniquely-located soccer turfs out there. Check this out — it even has the old city walls behind one of the goals.

Source: www.nkportoroz-piran.si

13. Bamburgh Castle Football Pitch

Bamburgh, United Kingdom

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Grass

Right at the foothill of Bamburgh Castle, lies a natural grass turf that hosts local matches. One can definitely be distracted by the picturesque backdrop of this Castle.

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/3s2oe

12. Tasiilaq Stadium

Tasiilaq, Greenland

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Dirt

This dirt turf is located in the town of Tasiilaq, Greenland’s largest east coast town. It hosts an annual inter-coastal tournament where soccer teams from several towns across Greenland come in to compete.

Source: http://www.greenland.com/en/articles/football-in-east-greenland/

11. The Float at Marina Bay


Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

The Float at Marina Bay was designed to temporarily host the Singapore National Team while the new National Stadium was being built. However, this turf never hosted the Singapore National Team, though it occasionally hosts amateur matches & friendlies.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SG-marina-bay-sands-hot-float-stad.jpg

10. Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Soccer | Outdoor | 7 v 7| Artificial Turf

This 7-a-side turf was built with the help of the Danish Football Association & FIFA as part of the Goal program to help grow the game. Why is this place special? If you play here during the winter, you may see icebergs floating in the bay as a backdrop.

Source: www.doradcapodrozy.pl

9. Coroico Turf Field

Coroico, Bolivia

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

At just 5600 feet above sea level, Coroico’s artificial turf field may not be amongst Bolivia’s most elevated fields. However, it surely has one of the most breathtaking views overlooking the valley and the infamous Yungas Road, also known as the “death road”.

Photo: joufu/Tumblr

8. Wakhan Football Pitch

Wakhan Valley, Dzhiland, Tajikistan

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Grass

This particular pitch is in the Pamir Valley just north of the Afghanistan border in Tajikistan. Despite the fact that it sits along the old Silk Road, this pitch doesn’t look too silky.

Photo: Philippe Tournut

7. Fuglafjørður Stadium

Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

The local team, Ítróttarfelag Fuglafjarðar, are lucky enough to call this their home turf. Fuglafjørður Stadium (city of Fuglafjordur) overlooks the harbour on one side, and is surrounded by the steep hills of the island of Eysturoy.

This work by Gullmar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Sweden License . > David Häggmark. https://gullmars.se/2016/04/22/motsatsen-till-friends-arena

6. Koh Panyee Floating Pitch

Koh Panyi, Phang-Nga, Thailand

Street Soccer | Outdoor | 4 v 4| Vinyl

Built on stilts, the village of Koh Panyee doesn’t have any land for their youths to play the game on, so their solution was to build one on water. Check out the story and photos of Koh Panyee on Where Is Football here.

Photo: Turfmapp

5. Henningsvær Stadion

Henningsvær, Norway

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

Located north of the Arctic circle on an island part of the Lofoten archipelago, the Henningsvær (Henningsvaer) fishermen have quite a turf to themselves…strangely surrounded by fish-drying racks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/3rj2yd/when_you_absolutely_must_play_football_lofoten/

4. Igralište Batarija

Trogir, Croatia

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Grass

Not only is the Batarija ground in Trogir situated on the beautiful Dalmatian Coast, it sits right between St. Marco fort and Kamerlengo Castle.

Photo: Planetware


Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Grass

Another pitch by the rock? Well, this photographic cliff you see here is less than a mile away from a young active Eldfell volcano. This very location of the pitch was once covered in lava from the eruption back in 1973.

Photo: Extreme Football Tourism

2. Ottmar Hitzfeld

Gspon, Switzerland

Soccer | Outdoor | 8 v 8 | Artificial Turf

Sitting at 6587 feet above sea level, this 8-a-side pitch is known to be the highest elevated pitch in Europe. In order to see this spectacular view, you’ll have to either hike up, take a cable car or hop on a helicopter like Mr. Hitzfeld himself when he arrived for the opening ceremony.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott

1. Á Mølini Stadium

Eiði, Faroe Islands

Soccer | Outdoor | 11 v 11 | Artificial Turf

This is an isolated stadium located on the north-western tip of Eysturoy Island in a village of Eiði (Eidi), with a population of less than 800. It sits in the valley between the waters…so playing long passes & shots here can be very unpredictable due to extreme wind conditions.

Source: http://copa90.com/7-most-unique-football-stadiums/

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